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Oh, hello! I didn't see you there. Sorry, my hands are a little dirty...

Welcome to the Palace Greenhouse! We grow orchids, bromeliads, arums, and all kinds of freaky deakies for your perverse enjoyment. Just hover over the image to discover more...

a luscious explosion of orchids in purple, orange, yellow, and white, mostly oncidiums, san diego orchid society sale 2021-10-30

To be frank, we're not much of a greenhouse, since only a few of our charges have flowered under our care... it's been some tough times, but we're plucky little guys, we keep on going!

coelia (syn. bothriochilus) bella in flower 2022-01-20 oncidium intergenetic, possibly bratonia, newly in flower 2021-12-14

dendrobium bigibbum var. compactum, except this photo isn't mine, so just imagine the most delicate and pristine woodmount with a single flower breathing forth tillandsia ixioides in flower 2022-01-17

grocery store phalaenopsis hybrid in flower 2022-03-18 california natives mirabilis laevis and sisyrinchium bellum flowering outdoors 2022-03-25 (no they're not orchids but they're so pretty...

encinitas orchid grower open house 2021-02-27

There are some real orchid freaks out there, whom I never understood until I became one. Anyone can get pelargoniums and begonias to bloom for them (two of the fuck-ugliest flowers in the world, IMO); getting an orchid to bloom for you takes patient husbandry, an understanding of the unique properties of each type group or taxon, and a willingness to perform your understanding, weekly, for the foreseeable future, with no guaranteed reward. You can't just dump sun and water on them indiscriminately and expect them to thrive. They have needs.