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Things I Almost Named This Website

I did a lot of brainstorming before I made this website. Here are some alternate names, copied and pasted directly from my brainstorming document, explanations following, with which I almost christened Peepo's Palace:

  • alembic— (n.) an alchemical still consisting of two vessels connected by a tube, used for distillation of liquids
  • dialembic a riff on above
  • eschscholzia the scientific genus name for California poppy
  • hesperoyucca the scientific genus name for chaparral yucca, a "conspicuous native plant of dry rocky slopes in coastal sage scrub and chaparral" which "produces a flamboyant cluster of purple-tinged white flowers atop a long stalk"
  • opuntia the scientific genus name for prickly-pear cactus
  • homalodisca the scientific genus name for a type of leafhopper (family Cicadellidae) that acts as a significant pest species on wine grapes, citrus trees, and other economically important fruit crops: the glassy-winged sharpshooter
  • brochosome a specialized hydrophobic coating on egg masses of Homalodisca vitripennis that protects eggs from parasitoid wasps and detritus
  • tymballys I can't recall where I got this from, I think I was freestyling on and adding Y's to the notion of orthopteran (grasshopper and cricket) "ears," which are typically organs with no external meatus on the legs or abdomen
  • eutettix another scientific genus name for a species of leafhopper (family Cicadellidae)
  • cicadula → cicatrula another cicadellid genus, lightly edited to be more euphonious
  • limotettix → limnotettix ditto, with "limno-" serving double duty as a reference to inland aquatic ecosystems, riverbanks, and the "edges of things"
  • limnovore "lake eater," also has resonances of "limn" as to illuminate and suffuse the edges of something with color or light
  • limnetic (adj.) "of or occurring in the deeper, open waters of lakes or ponds" (or 2) "lake" + "eclectic" (3) see above
  • limnectric see above, plus a riff on "lake" + "electric"
  • withal (adv.) in addition; besides; despite that; nevertheless. I think this was inspired by a Shakespeare thing?
  • savoyard (n.) a devotee, performer, or producer of the comic operas of W. S. Gilbert and A. S. Sullivan; ultimately rejected as I am not a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, even though the word itself is too damn good
  • lefthandgreen left hand as in queer, green as in Oscar Wilde's "green carnation," plus I was tickled by the outward semblance of childhood fave Twister
  • affidavit (n.) a written declaration made under oath before a notary public or other authorized officer; not sure what my motivation was here; just assume that all words are doing double- if not triple-duty in their allusions, associations, and cultural connections
  • chemotaxis (n.) the movement of an organism or entity in response to a chemical stimulus, as when immune cells move toward chemoattractants released at sites of infection or injury, or when male moths travel up a chemical gradient toward the female moth releasing attractant pheromone
  • cagliostro sourced from my reading of Carl Sagan's Cosmos book, Cagliostro was one of the "last great sorcerers" who traveled Europe promoting his alchemy, Freemasonry, clairvoyance, humanitarianism and pseudo-doctoring (but pretty much everyone was a pseudo-doctor at that point as medical science had not yet been invented), but as it turned out (according to the authorities) he was a swindler who was ultimately imprisoned for life
  • enuma_elish the Babylonian epic of creation, which "tells the story of the great god Marduk's victory over the forces of chaos and his establishment of order at the creation of the world"
and finally
  • peepospalace Peepo is me :) and Peepo's Palace is my palace :) I like how it sounds like a kids' daytime show (theme song forthcoming)