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I've got so many damn links, and there will be more and more and more added as time goes on and I can cudgel my brains into remembering them. Jump to ecology, nature, and the greater-than-human world; lesbian, BDSM, queer, and leather culture; cyber freedom; hiking and backpacking; the best blogs of all time; art, design, and creativity; scams and cults; and much much moar. You just have to free your mind, and the rest will follow...

Ecology and the Greater-than-Human World

Lesbians, Leather, and Queers

lesbian pulp fiction cover - dyke is a dirty wordlesbian pulp fiction cover - executive lesbianlesbian pulp fiction cover - madamlesbian pulp fiction cover - queer patterns

Cyber Freedom

Hiking and Backpacking

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Art, Creativity, and Design

Scams, Swindles, and High-Control Groups