2023 Mar 10 - Added my best books of 2022. Stay tuned—Peepo's out of hibernation—more soon!

2022 Dec 10 - Added a few links and some fruits to the contact page

2022 May 24 - Revitalized the Palace Guestbook on a new hosting website; hopefully this one won't fucking cave on me too. I was so heartbroken to lose everyone's messages!!! Also added a few blooms from this season to the Greenhouse. Stay strong with me as we rebuild

2022 May 5 - Began to populate the LiveJournal icon sheet (still under construction) and added a few more sexy li'l links to the links page. The externally hosted guestbook is down so I'm stressin, please leave any remarks in the chatbox at this time

2022 Apr 6 - Detailed list of potential alternate names for Peepo's Palace. Peek into the fulminating, frothing brain of the Peepo behind the Palace!

2022 Mar 25 - Added a new poem to the Essays section and a few more videos to the V I D E O Z O N E, and removed the music autoplayer. I'm over it!!!!

2022 Feb 10 - Working on my first trail journal and added some videos to the V I D E O Z O N E

2022 Jan 30 - Added an essay on marriage from 2020

2022 Jan 27 - Added the trail journal with animated CSS background, added info to the Divest! page, resolved some div alignment issues, shuffled around a few pages under construction, and added an external link button to the Storygraph link in the nav bar

2022 Jan 22 - Additions to the Greenhouse, the links page, the Pok├ęshrine, and many more

2022 Jan 19 - Added the FAANG divestment page, an autoplaying music banner at the bottom (!!), and made the banner formatting consistent across child pages

2022 Jan 18 - Added the beautiful new banner!!!

2022 Jan 17 - Downloaded a desktop code editor (Atom.io for Mac, free and open-source) after one too many shit-the-pants moments fooling around on the live website... whoops

2022 Jan 16 - Showed my beautiful husbutch updates to Peepo's Palace WHU WHUUUUUUT

2022 Jan 16 - Added some other shit to the newsletter page

2022 Jan 15 - Stayed up all night editing some shit

2022 Jan 9 - Peepo's Palace comes into being! Viewcount: 1. Subscribers: 0. Frustration: considerable. Happiness: infinite.

??? - Peepo was born